Lutz Exercises, Part 3 – Advanced Drill for Edge (Laurent Depouilly)

World and Olympic coach Laurent Depouilly continues his presentation on exercises for proper lutz development.  In Part 1 he discussed the idea of using a back outside pivot to train the alignment and edge pressure.  In Part 2, he and Audrey Weisiger worked on a single lutz together, particularly the foot position as the feet pass.  In this video, Laurent offers a drill to help more-advanced skaters correct an edge problem that already exists. The reason this is a more advanced drill is that it requires solid edge pulls.

Laurent uses the change-of-edge as a way to force a deep edge that skaters can feel.  Notice the quiet free leg but then the scissor-like free leg motion to set the position.  This drill can also help many skaters better understand the timing of the lutz.  Notice how the toes stay pointed inward throughout this drill.  Watch the close-up video near the end to see Laurent on a clear outside edge.


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