Learning to Spin – Some Clarifications on Spin Entries (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire goes into more details about a few things she mentioned in her previous video on spinning.   Since the publication of Bobbe’s earliest videos on iCoachSkating.com, some subscribers have tried unsuccessfully to apply Bobbe’s method of stepping with the opposite hand in front to enter a spin.  In this video, Bobbe explains some things that can go wrong when using this method and now to fix them.  The big key is in the phrase, “you must push onto that forward outside edge and just let it run.”  Many skaters attempt to push directly into the spin rotation, rather than pushing on the edge and waiting for the hook and the spin to happen.  Bobbe uses a skater to demonstrate how she initially helps a skater develop this feeling.  The skater pushes, but Bobbe helps with the rotation.  Next Bobbe has the skater show the entry without assistance which should give many observers a better understanding of the timing.

Next, Bobbe talks about the physics of spinning and the forces involved.  This can be very confusing, but one of the most important things that Bobbe says is, “you push that edge out, and it brings you in.”  This is a way of creating “lean” for developing proper edge pressure.  Next Bobbe shows how she helps a skater understand the lean.  She actually has the skater lean onto her.  Finally, at the end of the video, Bobbe notes that many skaters today really don’t understand how their blade works on the ice or where there weight needs to be.  She says, “If you push and glide on the back of the blade, that edge picks up energy, picks up speed, and helps to throw you to the toe.”  Bobbe wants the hook to happen close to the toe, but the skater should enter the spin well back on the blade.


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