Layback Tips, Backspin Layback (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire offers insights about the layback spin and also explains the tricks for learning a layback backspin. One important tip for a forward layback or a backspin layback is to stop the free leg from coming in front, and leave it to the side before letting it draw back into the layback position.

Bobbe notes that the shoulder problems that typically occur in a forward layback will also happen in the backspin layback, typically with the left shoulder hiked up (for skaters that spin counterclockwise). She talks about how to use the arms to minimize this problem. These optional arm positions really work and are underutilized by most coaches and skaters.

One very valuable tip for all laybacks is how the free foot is held. Bobbe talks about using “public skater” ankle with the foot flexed. This helps get the free foot parallel to the ice for the best look. This obviously goes against the nearly continuous advice in skating to point the toes!

The demonstrator does a forward layback into a backspin layback combo. Bobbe makes an important correction before the second attempt (not allowing the free leg to come forward), which is better and is a reasonable model for those working on this skill.


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