Figure Skating Moves In The Field – Forward Inside Loops (Karen Heng Olson)

Karen Heng Olson teaches forward inside loops.  See Karen’s presentation on forward outside loopsbefore watching this video.  As with the forward outside loops, the shoulders start twisted into the circle.  Karen emphasized the need to go slow when learning this skill as many skaters will use too much speed initially.  Just like the video on forward outside loops, the shoulders twist into the loop entry and reverse on the loop exit.  Most skaters simply won’t twist enough on the entry.

Next Karen addresses the free leg movement.  Karen explains it, “The leg is extended behind, draws in close, and draws out.”  She spends some time demonstrating exactly how the free leg moves during the loop and when it draws out at the end.  Karen says, “Everybody wants to kick themselves out of the loop.  You actually have to skate out of the loop and have your free leg lead the way.”

Karen says, “BE PATIENT.”

At the end of the video, Karen offers a great exercise to help with timing and flow and a way to initially help get the proper feeling for the loop.  By starting with a back outside three turn and letting the free leg go around and then drawing the free leg through on the loop, many skaters can develop the proper feeling more quickly.  Hint: It must not have too much speed.

Compare this presentation on forward inside loops to that of Amy Brolsma here.


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