Backward Outside Loops Revisited – Part 1 (Amy Brolsma)

Amy Brolsma provides an update on how she has changed how she teaches backward outside loops for more flow and rhythm.  Her focus for loop development has changed somewhat from the precision of figures (based on her figures background) to the characteristics required for footwork sequences in free skating programs.  This is the first of a three part series on the back outside loop.  For reference, please see Amy’s original presentation on back outside loops as well.  It may also be valuable to see her other presentations on figure loops (Forward Outside Loops, Forward Inside Loops, and Backward Inside Loops).  See also, Karen Heng Olson’s presentation on Backward Outside Loops.

Amy starts with the back outside edge.  She discusses the details of the push and the desired body position.  She notes one of the recent changes she has adopted to address a common problem with the push and edge position.  Amy also talks about where the weight is on the blade and the proper way to use the ankle.  The trick of keeping the free toe pointed up helps keep the hips closed as Amy wants.

Next Amy works on the exit of the loop independent of the entrance.  She has the skater stand at the tightest part of the loop and power pull out.  Notice the focus on balancing on one foot and doing a back outside power pull from a standstill.  This is nearly identical to Nick Perna’s standstill C-cuts.

After the skater has mastered both the entry and the exit, Amy has the skater combine them into the complete back outside loop.  She discusses a common error made by the demonstrator of pulling the feet in very close to each other during the loop motion.  Amy corrects this by asking the skater to keep the free leg straight.


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