Ice Skating Jumping Tips: Head Control On Jump Take-Offs (Joan Orvis)

Joan Orvis discusses the extremely important aspect of head control on jump take-offs.  This video was a result of our off-camera discussions regarding my observation about the head control of her skaters during their jump take-offs.  Head control throughout the setup and take-off movement is increasingly recognized as a major characteristic of consistent and efficient jumping.

Here Joan explains how she gets her skaters to keep their heads still and avoid pre-rotation.  She also discusses the theory of why it’s so important.  Joan notes that these concepts are particularly important for triple jumps, but they also apply to singles and doubles.

Joan says, “You’ve got to train kids to keep their head over their right shoulder (for those that jump to the left).”  In other words, this is not natural and is something coaches need to focus on to make sure skaters get it.


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