Jump Landings – Theory and Drills, Part 3 (Jeremy Allen)

International coach and jump specialist Jeremy Allen continues his description and demonstration of what actually happens on a jump landing. In Part 1 he provided a detailed analysis of double, triple, and quad jump landings. In Part 2 he provided more information and drills, particularly on how the free leg moves. In this video, Jeremy shares two outstanding drills for developing strong landings for multi-revolution jumps.

The first exercise Jeremy calls “backspin double loop stick and then pull back in” which consists of a backspin with a small h-position, followed by a small jump up into a strong rotating position, and then a landing in a spinning “stick position.” Once the skater is spinning and in control in the stick position, they pull back into a strong tight backspin, and follow that up with a check out to landing position. The second exercise Jeremy calls “backspin double loop check out” and the purpose is to work on the quickness needed to go from the stick position to the landing position.

With these kinds of backspin double loop drills, Jeremy makes a point that jumping high is not the point. It makes the exercise much harder and complicates the small h-position. Keeping the jump relatively small allows the skater to focus on rotation and landing movements.

In terms of teaching rotation and air position, Jeremy recommends using an off-ice spinner or a stationary off-ice harness. He also recommends performing the jumps off-ice as a way to develop the proper movements and positions before taking them onto the ice. The backspin double loop exercises are a great way to introduce and develop air position and proper landings on the ice.



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