Jump Drills in Lesson – Part 2 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues a jump lesson at a seminar. As noted in Part 1, the skater in this lesson had a double axel at one time in the past and lost it (after an injury), and the goal of this lesson is to try to get it back. And although this part of the lesson focuses more on the double axel itself than Part 1, many of the drills apply to the other jumps as well.

To begin this part of the lesson, Audrey has the skater do single axels from a standstill, where she notices a small “collapse” (or “folding”) in the landing movements. This is a relatively common error and most coaches fix it by asking skaters to stand up straighter on landing. Audrey asks the skater to pretend to land with an egg on her head.

Next, Audrey increases the difficulty by having the skater put the skating side hand across and touching the free side hip. This helps keep the skating side forward on the step. Audrey wants the skater to feel as though the left elbow is leading. After a couple attempts like this, Audrey has the skater do it again but land in a traveling backspin or twizzle. Then she adds further to the drill, having the skater return from the full landing position to the d-position, and a d-position on the opposite foot (to simulate landing leg lockout in the air).

After a moving single axel, Audrey does yet another drill, a right forward inside three turn leaving the left foot in place so it starts in back and ends in front. The next part of the progression has the free leg extend forward (straight) and then back into the landing position. They then return to the previous single axel drill and add the landing movement again.

On the first double axel attempt, the skater lacks some height and jumps forward a bit too much so Audrey has the skater attempt it again on a smaller circle. This helps the skater create more rotational energy and more height. At the very end, Audrey returns again to single axel landing in alignment as covered in Part 1.


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