Loop Jump Tips – Part 3 (Joan Orvis)

In this short video Joan Orvis offers some additonal insights regarding the loop jump.  This video is a continuation of her earlier video on on loop jump and loop jump details.  In this discussion she starts by explaining that the loop entry is similar to a simple back outside edge in terms of body position and alignment.  She makes a point of showing that the arms move close to the body in a scissor motion when gliding on the edge.

She notes that the arms should also drop down in the scissors motion in the loop jump rather than going around.  Joan explains that the hips move after the skater drops the ankle on a loop jump entry.  In other words, the edge happens first.  But she also notes that the hips move, but the arms don’t.  “The arms come through closely, just like they do on the back outside eight.  My shoulders do not open up and rotate around.  They stay right where they are.” 

Watch how Joan demonstrates the arm motion.  “The left arm comes down in front…”  Notice how her hand nearly touches her right hip.  Even the “power arm” motion of the right arm is not “around” but also has the scissoring motion.  These are great reminders for all coaches and skaters.


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