How Does an Elite Skater Train? (Audrey Weisiger)

In this fascinating video from a few years ago we get some insights into how an elite skater trains. World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger leads an off-ice seminar class, but this video is mostly Olympian and World Competitor Danny Samohin explaining how he trains, and how he built up to this training level over time. Danny begins by explaining some of the exercises he uses, including pushups and ab work totaling 300 repetitions.

A typical day for Danny (who is also a coach) consists of 1.5 hours of coaching, then 1.5 of on-ice training, followed by an hour of off-ice training. That first off-ice session includes a warm-up, ab work (300 reps), and box jumps. After this he skates again (skate all day, coach all day) and in the evening he runs for an hour. This intense training program is understandable given that Danny was planning 5 quads in one program that year. He explains how to build up to an hour of running. He runs on the beach, and recommends soft surfaces to minimize impact injuries. Danny also demonstrates a variety of exercises that he uses. He shows a number of ab exercises as well as push up variations.

Danny explains the process of building up to this level of skill and training. He also describes a training method of running back to back programs and increasing the difficulty of those programs by doing combination jumps on every jumping pass, even though many of those would usually be planned as solo jumps. In other words, he trains with a harder program than what he competes with. He has a two minute break between his program run-throughs. Danny finishes this video with some important wisdom, that every day is an opportunity to challenge himself.


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