Grapevine Variations and the Salchow (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna continues his presentation on his “grapevine” exercise. In the first video he demonstrated how to perform the grapevine and how to teach it in sections. In this video, he explains how to create useful variations by picking up the feet at specific moments, rather than skating the entire grapevine on two feet.

The value in these variations is in creating footwork sequences. These grapevine exercises that become automatic through practice can help skaters get comfortable with turns and transitions as it forces them to automatically have good alignment and flow and proper balance.

Nick explains how the grapevine can also be used to help skaters with the traditional pigeon toe salchow take-off. The smoothness of the exercise and natural movement to the pigeon toe position helps many skaters (who feel stuck) to properly pivot through to forward for the jump.


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