Forward Crossover Circles – Juvenile Moves In The Field (Karen Olson)

Karen Olson explains how she teaches the forward crossover circle pattern of the USFS Juvenile Moves test.  Much of this discussion is specifically about the pattern, but a great deal of this discussion applies to all skaters doing power crossovers in a circle.

Karen shows where and how she starts the pattern for maximum power.  She talks about core engagement and keeping the shoulder twist.  She also explains how she corrects the common error of rounding the back shoulder and incorrectly rotating the back arm to try to keep it back.  As Karen notes, this requires constant vigilance from the coach.

For those skaters having problems with proper alignment, Karen often has them go back to do “pumps” on a circle on two feet.  This allows the skater to focus on alignment without adding issues associated with balancing on one foot.  She also recommends using Champion Cords, and she shows how to use them.  The cords provide tension and help a skater develop core stability.  They also help the coach adjust the “whole” position easily by moving an arm.

Next, Karen talks about the tempo of the pattern.  She notes that each push has maximum power, and the tempo of the pushes gradually increases.  Many skaters let up on the final push and she encourages them to finish stronger.  She also “draws” the pattern on the ice and offers suggestions for numbers of crossovers at critical points and overall circle size.

This is probably the best presentation on these crossover circles available today.


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