Figure Skating Power Pulls – USFS Pre-Juvenile Moves (Karen Olson)

Karen Olson explains and demonstrates how she teaches forward power pulls for skaters just learning power pulls and those working to pass the US Figure Skating Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field test.  Karen did a previous video on power pulls but this video covers forward power pulls in more detail.

As in the previous video, Karen starts all skaters on two feet but here she offers additional advice and notes common errors.  She provides a more thorough explanation of the role and movement of the shoulders and the ankle bend and overall ankle and knee rhythm.  She also recommends skating forward power pulls on the back of the blade, which is typically difficult for skaters just learning this skill.  Karen also discusses excessive tension in the body and arms.  Overall this should be a relaxed but controlled and neat movement.  Karen explains in detail how to get this skating posture.  She offers another exercise that switches between one-foot power pulls and two-foot slaloms.

Next Karen addresses the common misconception that power is speed.  She recommends going slow to learn how to generate power, which will eventually result in more speed.  Karen also takes some time discussing ankle bend and pressure and the point of power generation or maximum pressure exerted on the ice.  These details are important for coaches and skater alike.

At the end of the video, Karen offers a great exercise that demonstrates mastery of forward power pulls.

Compare this approach to teaching power pulls to that of Amy Brolsma here.


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