Figure Skating Choreography for Advanced Skaters – Part 1 (Chris Conte)

Master figure skating choreographer Chris Conte discusses how he builds higher level skating programs.  This video picks up where he left off in his discussion of the tools of a traveling choreographer and building low level skating programs.  In this video, Chris talks about higher level programs and helping give skaters a competitive edge in the second set of marks (component scores) in the IJS.

Chris explains that there are basically 3 types of programs.
1. Abstract program – no story, no impression of a story, just movement to music
2. Concept program – some kind of concept related to music selection, where choreographed movements are related to the concept
3. Storybook program – attempt to tell a story, start to finish through a program, through music and movement

There’s a TON of great info in this video for figure skating choreographers and figure skating coaches that choreograph their own skaters’ programs.


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