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As a paying iCoachSkating subscriber, you should receive an email every time a new video is published on the websiteThis benefit is available to all subscribers, but for a variety of reasons (including some technical ones!) not everyone is taking advantage of this option.

Most subscribers consider these emails an integral part of their subscription.


Here’s why you need to get these emails:

You’ll never miss a video at iCoachSkating

You’ll constantly be reminded when new videos are available, and reminded to use the subscription you’re paying for

The emails contain additional background information and additional insights about each video

Stay informed regarding future plans at iCoachSkating, including new presenters

We rarely use these emails to sell anything so you won’t be bombarded with marketing messages

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NOTE:  If you’re already signed up, and you try to sign up again, the system prevent it.  It won’t allow you to sign up the same email address twice.  So if you’re not sure, please use the form above and sign up now.


FYI – Many people use a different email for logging in than their PayPal email address.  We use your PayPal email address to initially create your iCoachSkating account.  We also automatically forward your PayPal email address to our Paying Subscriber Email List.  If you change your login email in your profile, it does not automatically get updated for our regular update email list.  Please use the form above to make sure you’re receiving these emails.

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