Exercise to Increase Jump Height and Distance (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna shares a fun and effective exercise to help skaters learn to jump higher and farther. Initially used primarily with waltz jump, this exercise is also good for salchow (and even axel). First Nick draws the take-off edge on the ice, typically up to one of the hockey lines across the rink (see Nick’s over-the-river exercise), and then has the skater lay down on the ice. He then draws and outline of the skater’s body on the ice and lets the skater add details to make it fun and add some realism.

Then, the goal is to have the skater jump from the take-off edge all the way over their outline on the ice. This is a great way to get skaters to jump for more distance and height and Nick notes that skaters will automatically figure out ways to improve their jump distance. This can be particularly valuable for skaters who focus on rotation and tend to hook jumps without focusing on flow.

Nick takes a moment to show how to help skaters get more entrance speed without changing the take-off location. The goal is to create a consistent take-off spot so the skater jumps entire over their body outline on the ice.


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