Edge Control With the “Shut Up Drill” (Nick Perna)

International and World figure skating coach Nick Perna explains a very simple drill he uses to build edge control.  This is a drill every figure skating coach has used at one point or another, but probably not with all the variations and detail that Nick does.

The drill consists of simply gliding around a full circle on one foot in one position, without straying off the circle.  This is easiest using the hockey circles on the rink but Nick notes that smaller circles are also important for mastering edges.  He also recommends a variety of positions and you can see Nick’s videos on these positions here.

The drill gets its name from the fact that Nick often uses it with advanced skaters who lack control and don’t realize it.  Typically they are working on something quite difficult like a triple jump or advanced footwork.  If skaters lack control of these simple exercises, it “shuts them up” and helps them realize that some of their issues are a result of simply not have control of the basics.

The real value in this video may be all the demonstrations that Nick shares.  Very few young skaters today can skate a circle with the proper alignment.  Study Nick’s positions and you’ll start to understand proper hip usage and alignment on edges.


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