Double Toe Loop in Combination (Robert Tebby)

World and Olympic coach Robert Tebby talks about single, double, and triple toe as the second or third jump of a combination. Several concepts Robert explains will be surprising to many coaches and skaters, as there are many misunderstandings about this skill. The two most common misunderstandings are the perceived need to twist the shoulders strongly against the rotation between the jumps and the need to push the free foot straight back when landing the first jump. Both of these concepts are false.

As Robert explains, when landing the first (or prior) jump, the shoulders should remain relatively neutral and not over-twist against the rotation. Any exaggeration to the shoulders often destroys the flow of the combination, kills some of the rotational energy, and often results in a spinny toe loop as the second jump cannot come through naturally. Similarly, if a skater checks out the free leg of the prior jump by pressing the free foot straight back and close to the skating leg to prepare for the toe loop in combination, alignment is typically destroyed, which also reduces flow and rotation. Robert instead wants the free foot to push back and to the side.

There are some other great tips in this video as well, including head positioning and how to properly use the legs to get a “light” toe assist into the air.


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