Common Loop Jump Error, Moving To Triple (Robert Tebby)

World and Olympic coach Robert Tebby continues his discussion of loop jump mechanics (see Part 1 here).  In the video below, Robert addresses an extremely common problem with the loop jump.  Many skaters actually lose proper alignment when they reach back with their skating side arm.  They typically reach back so far without twisting from the core, that they actually lean outside the circle prior to the movements of the jump.  This starting point almost guarantees a bad jump.  Robert addresses this by putting the arms into an “L” position and then having the skaters twist from the core while maintaining proper shoulder alignment over the skating hip and foot.

The other major issue that Robert addresses in this video is the motivation and willingness to try the triple.  This discussion is essentially a pep talk for the skaters, and is the kind of discussion many coaches need to have with their skaters.  Notice how this Olympic coach is willing to first see a double and a quarter turn, or a double and a half turn prior to landing.  Yes, the jump will likely end in a fall when under-rotated by that much, but as Robert explains it should not be a catastrophic fall.  The skater should rotate, and if a fall occurs, get up and hit the landing position before doing more walk-throughs and trying again.


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