Double Toe Loop in Combination (Page Lipe)

Page Lipe offers a wealth of tips and tricks and stories regarding the toe loop in combination.  This is an outstanding video and everyone working on double and triple toe loops as the second or third jump of a combination should watch this video.

Page begins by telling two stories.  The point of the first story is a simple concept to help skaters with the rhythm of the combination.  The second story provides motivation for all skaters to do correct walk-throughs.  (If a World Champion stands around doing walk-through after walk-through, shouldn’t all skaters master the walk-through?)

One thing Page tells her skaters is they need to pick under themselves by the “pinky toe” of their skating foot rather than the heel.  This is in direct contradiction to how most coaches describe it, but video shows that Page is correct.  She also wants them to feel like they are “kicking back to where they came from” which gives the jump more flow and allows the skater to get over the axis side faster in the air.  She explains a “kick the boards” drill to help with this concept.

The discussion of free leg movement is challenging to understand, but worth reviewing a few times.  The concept that the free leg comes in at a diagonal (straight line) is another concept used by many elite coaches that relatively few other coaches use.  This “secret” keeps the jump moving without spinning around itself.

Page also offers drills to help develop the timing and rhythm and flow for the toe.  Simply doing back crossovers with a push-back into a double toe teaches complete mastery of the jump.  (This is reminiscent of the pushing back from the wall and doing a double toe or triple toe as described by Audrey Weisiger here.)  Page offers a tip to help with this (free leg to the side!).

The discussion of coming off the heel of the skate is very important.  This is echoed by coaches like Michelle Leigh and Audrey Weisiger even though many coaches still teach the jump as stepping up into an h-position.  Video shows that elite skaters pretty much all come off the heel.

To end the video, Page explains how she builds up to the double toe in combination from single toe with backspin.  She offers ideas for alignment, including a one foot jump drill where the skater does a toe loop without the toe assist.  This is great for developing complete control of the jump and learning to jump off the heel.


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