Double Toe Loop Development – Part 3 (Karen Olson)

Coach Karen Olson gives a double toe loop lesson to a skater, with the emphasis on developing good combination jumps. In Part 1, Karen shared two valuable toe loop exercises, and in Part 2 she offered additional insights and exercises. In this video Karen shares two more exercises.

The first exercise is simply doing a single or double toe loop directly from back crossovers. This exercise emphasizes the weight transfer associated with the common “toe walley” or “drop three” toe loop entrance, with special focus on alignment over the axis side (easy to see and feel from crossovers). Karen explains the goal of getting aligned correctly, then placing the toe pick correctly (“underneath your head”) and “then letting it happen.” As she notes, nearly all skaters want to muscle through a double toe when initially learning it.

A common error on this exercise is pushing “around” with the picking foot rather than pushing for flow like on normal back crossovers. As Karen notes, “You don’t need to push your leg around you because that starts your body rotating this way (outside the circle, out of alignment).” She then gives a great visual demonstration of the correct way to think about the jump and how it compares to the incorrect way.

The second exercise discussed in this video is a walley followed by toe-less toe loops. The purpose of this exercise is to learn to keep the hips underneath and improve the quickness of pushing off from this position. The head should remain anchored for this exercise to be effective. As Karen notes, sometimes the best way to fix a jump is to master specific exercises that address the errors seen in the jump, without doing the specific jump at all.


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