Double Lutz Lesson, Part 1 – Arms (Page Lipe)

International coach Page Lipe gives a double lutz lesson and shares some valuable tips regarding the lutz.  This part of the lesson focuses on the arms, and this information is applicable to other jumps as well.  Skaters that lack awareness of their arms often struggle with consistency and timing on jumps.  Page offers some tips on how to regain control and build confidence.

The first drill is the classic switching an item from one hand to the other during the jump.  In this case, Page has the skater transfer her skate guard from the left hand to the right hand during the jump.  Next, Paige has the skater do the jump in “frame” position.  Notice how she is specific and wants the right arm/hand over the left, primarily because this skater has s tendency to drop the right hand into the circle.  The right arm on top encourages the right arm to check out higher.


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