Double Axel Lesson, Part 1 – Warmup and Quickness Drills (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna gives a double axel lesson. To begin the lesson, he “learns about” the skater by observing a backspin, several waltz jumps, a single axel, and then some double loops. In this first part of the lesson, Nick is trying to see if the skater possesses the necessary air position and quickness to perform a double axel, using a variety of other jumps and drills. The standstill push into a forward inside three, back outside three, forward inside three, double loop is an excellent exercise for developing quickness and proper air position on the double loop. Nick is concerned that the double loop does not turn forward and press up off the toe pick, and this makes hitting the correct air position more difficult. But by the end the skater shows an ability to press up strongly into the jump and quickly get to a decent rotational position.


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