Double Axel Commentary – Mirai Nagasu’s Double Axel Part 2 (Trevor Laak)

Jump specialist Trevor Laak continues his comments (see Part 1 here) on a monster double axel performed by Mirai Nagasu at the 2014 Grassroots to Champions Supercamp in Lansing, MI on July 9, 2014.  The jump was performed during G2C’s “Just Jump” contest which is a contest focused entirely on jumping high.  Mirai was at camp to train with coach Tom Zakrajsek and she also taught at the camp.  The original jump can be seen at normal speed and slow motion here.

The discussion in Part 2 begins with the free leg movement on take-off (h-position debate) and covers the remaining take-off details as well as air position and landing analysis.  Please leave a comment.


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