Analysis of Mirai Nagasu Triple Axel Attempt – Part 3 (Trevor Laak)

In this follow-up video, figure skating jump specialist Trevor Laak continues his analysis of a triple axel attempt by Mirai Nagasu at the 2014 Grassroots to Champions Supercamp in Lansing, MI on July 9, 2014.   To see the Part 1 of this analysis and the original jump (full speed and slow motion), click here.  In Part 2, Trevor discusses causes for the jump to be “tilted outside the circle.”

In this part of the analysis, Trevor discusses rotation rates and a method that all coaches and skaters can use to estimate rotation rates.  For Mirai’s triple axel, her maximum rotation rate is not enough to get all the way around on the jump.  Additionally Trevor notes that her rotation rate slows considerably as she comes down out of the jump, making the landing significantly shorter of full rotation than it could be.


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