Developmental Spins and Using a Trampoline for Jumps (Laurent Depouilly)

World and Olympic coach Laurent Depouilly offers some helpful coaching ideas related to beginner spins and using a trampoline for jump training. At the beginning of the video, Laurent has the skater do a sit spin and then a camel spin. Like almost all top coaches, Laurent wants the skater to step back into the circle created by the wind-up for the spin. He tells the skater to “step forward inside the house.” This is a clever way to think about it for young skaters.

On the backspin, Laurent is focused on the entry steps and arm positions and movement. This skaters does the backspin on the right foot and Laurent wants the skater to drag the right toe pick on the left forward inside preparation edge. He says dragging the foot helps the skater feel a little more stability and develop the proper alignment of the body. Notice that the skater does not do the arms correctly on the first couple attempts but then lifts the right arm as Laurent wants.

To end the video, Laurent explains that he gets together each week with this skater to train on the trampoline. He trains splits and “rabbit” position, and he really focuses on full leg and ankle extension for each jump. This obviously applies to creating full ankle extension during jumps on the ice. This kind of training may be helpful for skaters to develop a fluid and effortless knee rhythm and timing for jumps as well as general skating.


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