Developmental Jump Drill for Young Skaters (Laurent Depouilly)

World and Olympic coach Laurent Depouilly offers a great jump setup drill for young skaters that allows for many repetitions in a short time and small space.  The drill consists of a forward outside three turn with a back crossover on the same circle, winding up the arms much like a spin entry. After returning to the starting point (axis) the skater pushes back directly into a toe loop. After the jump, the skater steps onto a forward outside edge and does a cross roll (cross step) before beginning the pattern again. Laurent demonstrates what he wants but the skater reminds him of another variation. Laurent says this pattern works well with the salchow, loop, and flip as well. It provides a controlled pattern to create consistent jump take-offs. And because the pattern is repeating, it is easy to do multiple jump attempts in a short time. Notice the arm and shoulder position after the full circle preparation and see how it automatically puts the skater into the right position to enter the jump.


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