Compulsory Figures – Threes to Center (Page Lipe)

Page Lipe continues her discussion of compulsory figures (also called school figures).  In the previous videos in this series, Page laid out a set of circles without using a scribe , discussed the forward outside 8, briefly demonstrated the forward inside 8, explained the backward outside 8, and showed the backward inside 8.

In this video, Page discusses forward outside threes to center which she notes, “is a really important control figure.”  At the beginning of the video, she explains how this relates to the basic three turn pattern on the US Figure Skating Preliminary moves in the field test (using a half circle).  But Page prefers the full figure 8 pattern as a way to develop good turns because “the control is a little bit more difficult and it drills the skater more.”  She demonstrates the figure and explains some important details as she’s skating it.  Next Page has one of her skaters demonstrate the same figure.  You can see and hear the corrections Page asks from the skater.  She notes that she likes this figure for improving the entrance to double flip jumps and she has her skater demonstrate.  (Page demonstrated how the skater used to do the double flip before all the figure practice.)


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