Compulsory Figures – Backward Inside 8 (Page Lipe)

Page Lipe continues her discussion of compulsory figures (also called school figures).  In the previous videos in this series, Page laid out a set of circles without using a scribe , discussed the forward outside 8, briefly demonstrated the forward inside 8, and explained the backward outside 8.  In this video, Page explains the details of performing the backward inside 8.

Page notes right at the beginning that this figure is easier in some respects than the backward outside 8, and in some ways it’s harder.  The challenge is still creating a strong push without losing alignment and posture and then keeping the alignment and posture throughout the glide.  The push after returning to center is a bit tricky and Page describes it and demonstrates it.

Page takes some time explaining the push from a stop.  Notice the focus on the hip and shoulder position as well as the arm movement.  Without this movement, it’s nearly impossible to create any power on the push.  Page also explains the push after returning to center as it requires the ability to “keep the inside edge pushed over as you rotate your leg in” to prepare for the push.

In terms of alignment while gliding, a common error is to drop the free hip.  Page counters this by pressing her hips into the circle or lifting the free hip to make sure the hips are level.  Page notes that the arm movement, the free leg passing, and the head turn can be done in any order.

Page notes at the very end of the video that building the awareness of hip position can be very helpful for skaters that have difficulty landing their jumps.  Figures builds and understanding and awareness of proper alignment when done correctly.


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