Champion Cords for Various Camel Spins (Sheila Thelen)

Figure skating specialist coach and Champion Cords inventor Sheila Thelen demonstrates the benefits and uses of Champion Cords for 4 different camel spins: the regular forward camel, the back camel, the flying camel, and an inside camel. The Champion Cord creates a helpful sensation of pulling the opposite hand and foot (free foot) together, which typically improves the overall alignment of the spin position. By varying the arm position, a skater can change the amount of tension in the cord and the amount of “pull” on the free foot.

Although this demonstrating skater is already proficient at camel, back camel, and flying camel, the Champion Cords are particularly useful for developing these spins. Sheila explains how to use the cord for camels, by attaching it to the free foot and opposite hand, with the cord behind the skater’s back.

Sheila and the skater spend the second part of the video working on a back camel with a switch to the forward inside edge. This is a very challenging skill for most skaters, and Champion Cords can be very helpful for maintaining awareness of proper alignment as well as proper posture and stretch. The cord also provides a sensation of “structure” which helps a skater “lock” the position in a way that makes it feel safer to attempt the edge change.

You can purchase Champion Cords here.


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