Champion Cords for Improved Landings (Sheila Thelen)

Figure skating specialist coach and Champion Cords inventor Sheila Thelen explains and demonstrates how to use the cords to create improved landing positions. By connecting the cord to same-side hand and foot, a nice stretch can be created on landings that improves free leg height. The tension of the cord also helps skaters build awareness of undesired knee bend in the free leg as well as proper foot turn-out. For skaters with head anchoring issues, Sheila reminds us we can use the “bite the coat” method in conjunction with the cords, thereby enhancing skater body awareness even further.

Sheila takes a moment to discuss proper free leg position on landings. Many skaters pull the free leg too far back behind the free hip, sometimes all the way behind the skating foot. This is not ideal for controlling the landing edge, nor is it as aesthetically pleasing as the 7 o’clock position that Sheila recommends.

You can purchase Champion Cords here.


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