Building an Edge Class Sequence – Twizzle Example (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau explains and demonstrates the process she uses for creating original edge classes and step sequences. The process begins with finding out which turns and elements her skaters can do, and trying to include at least one of each turn in an exercise in the edge class.

Kate demonstrates the process with an original twizzle sequence exercise. This exercise is broken up into three sections, each with one twizzle. The first section is waltz jump into a back twizzle with the free foot crossed in front. The exercise alternates direction down the ice, and Kate has the skaters start with “base” arms for the twizzles. The second section is a forward inside twizzle with a backwards exit into a half flip directly into the next forward inside twizzle. The final section is just a forward outside twizzle. For this twizzle Kate wants a soft skating knee with a slight plié position (knees open) with the arms in a hoop with the hands in a “hooked” position to keep the arms and back tight and pulling against each other.

Next, Kate combines the sections into a single sequence and demonstrates for us. To complete the sequence, Kate adds various arms to increase difficulty and build artistry. She uses arms overhead for the first twizzle, a foot grab for the second twizzle, and arms down and behind for the third twizzle. When teaching classes, Kate likes to have the skaters stay in lines and match timing with their neighbors.


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