Basic Beginner Spins (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch works with a young skater on basic spins, including the basic forward upright scratch spin, sit spin, and camel spin.  Charyl notes that, “It took forever to get this one to spin, but it’s coming together.” For the upright spin, the focus is on posture and keeping the free hip closed (“free knee in front of skating knee”). Charyl says, “Keep your back up and your chin up to the left” and “The more you keep your bottom tucked in the better that gets.”

For the sit spin, Charyl has the skater demonstrate the “triangle position” which is a basic sit position on two feet with the hands down and close to the knees and the chin up. After a sit spin attempt, Charyl wants the skater to focus on a stronger back position. She says, “Keep your back up more because you’re kind of hunching your back.” As Charyl notes, she thinks this a solid sit spin for a young skater at this level.

In terms of the camel spin, Charyl focuses on waiting on the forward outside edge entry, keeping the skating side arm in front longer, and keeping the free leg stretched behind. By assisting and manipulating the skater into a camel spin, Charyl can “feel” problems with the spin and offer suggestions. Another common error for camel spin is coming up out of the skating knee too early. Charyl helps this skater feel the desired camel spin position at a standstill, and notice how she balances the skater more to the skating side than the skater feels comfortable with. This is necessary so the skater doesn’t fall out of the spin and can maintain balance for more than just a revolution or two.


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