Backspin Teaching Tips (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger gives a young (about 8 years old) male skater a lesson, and this part of the lesson focuses mostly on the backspin. The lesson begins with introductions and the skater running his program. Audrey comments on this skater’s potential.

Audrey then begins working on the backspin. She offers a number of backspin tips for coaches to get skaters at this level to cross their feet and learn to balance properly prior to the exit. The first drill is a back pivot entrance to a back spin with the arms in frame position. Notice the focus on keeping the head to the right. The skater is struggling to cross the feet, so Audrey asks for the same drill with the skater picking up the left foot in front (crossed) and then setting it down crossed to exit. She uses the wall and has the skater get used to the positions, but the skater still cannot cross the feet.

Audrey then gets out a ankle buzzer/squeaker and the skater immediately crosses the feet on the next spin attempt (after backward straight line skating while activating the squeaker). She continues to focus on putting the left skate down while still crossed (into a crossover) and she explains, “There’s a reason why I’m doing this… to have his weight stay to the right side to exit.”


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