Figure Skating Spins – Building the Backspin (Audrey Weisiger)

Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues her discussion on the process of developing the backspin.  In the preceding video, Audrey discussed the details of starting a backspin from a standstill.  In this video, Audrey shares her thoughts on the next steps in the development process.

When using the forward inside edge entry for backspin, Audrey thinks it’s very important that skaters understand the desired print on the ice and the concept that a spin is stationary.  On the three turn at the end of the “hook” the skater should rock to the toe pick briefly and then start making large circles around the toe pick mark.  To keep the arms simple at the beginning, Audrey likes the arms in a hoop.  She also explains the “open hoop” as the skaters advance in skill.

Audrey spends some time talking about spin duration and how to pull the position in tight (and press the hands down) for maximum speed.  She also talks about positioning of the hoop arms and explains in detail how to grasp the hands together.


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