At Home Off-Ice Strength Workout – Part 2 (Matthew Blair Davis)

Figure skating strength and conditioning expert Matthew Blair Davis shares an at-home off-ice balance and core workout that everyone can do in their homes during the coronavirus lockdown. He is joined in the video by his daughter who demonstrates the exercises. In Part 1, they showed a basic strength workout with common objects around the house. In this video, the focus is on balance and core. Matthew recommends doing this entire workout 4 times for maximum benefit.

The first exercise is a one-leg “book halo” where the skater uses a heavy book to circle the head while balancing on one leg. The free knee is up, and this exercise works on mobility of the shoulders while forcing the core to engage to hold the position. Matthew recommends 8 repetitions in each direction.

The second exercise is a combination of “nordic hamstring curls” and push ups. To perform this exercise, Matthew suggests using a pillow under the knees and a piece of furniture like a recliner to hold the feet/ankles down. The more controlled the descent, the more work the hamstrings are doing. This exercise also works the core to keep the entire body stable during the movements. 5 repetitions are recommended.

The next exercise is a combination of balancing in a spiral position with a “lat pull” type exercise to strengthen the back. This is all about balance and 8 repetitions are recommended.

The final exercise is called a “rolling situp” which Matthew describes as a “rolling v-up.” The goal is to roll from back to front while keeping the arms and legs off the floor, then roll back again with the arms and legs up, and then finishes with a v-up. He recommends 10 reps for this challenging exercise.


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