At Home Off-Ice Mobility Workout – Part 3 (Matthew Blair Davis)

Figure skating strength and conditioning expert Matthew Blair Davis shares an at-home off-ice mobility and flexibility workout that everyone can do in their homes during the coronavirus lockdown. He is joined in the video by his daughter who demonstrates the exercises. Together they show 4 exercises and Matthew recommends doing this entire workout 4 times for maximum benefit.

The first exercise is a front split, held for 30 seconds, switching legs. Skaters that cannot yet do a front split should work through a progression of exercises to develop this skill (in another video). The next exercise is a bridge walkover, for 5 repetitions. Skaters that cannot yet do a bridge walkover should work through a progression of exercises to develop this skill (in another video). For the next exercise, the skater performs a middle split with the skater’s back against the wall. Keeping the back of the hands and elbows touching the wall, the skater should then do 20 wall slides. Keep the head back, and keep the lower back pressed against the wall throughout. The final exercise is called “world’s greatest stretch” and Matthew does a nice job explaining it in the video, with 3 repetitions per leg. This entire process is then performed 4 times for an excellent mobility and flexibility workout.

These exercises provide mobility work on the entire back, legs, hips, and shoulders. Most skaters are likely to struggle with some or all of these exercises, but it is a good goal for all figure skaters to be able to do this entire circuit. NOTE: Future videos will show progressions to master bridge walkovers, front splits, and middle splits.


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