Another Off-Ice Jump Power Exercise (Matthew Blair Davis)

Figure skating strength and conditioning expert Matthew Blair Davis continues his series on jump power training. In the first video of the series, he demonstrated a fancy setup for gathering detailed data for monitoring a skater’s progress and providing motivation. In the second video, Matthew shared a low tech off-ice drill to help develop jumping power. Here he shares another drill that is simple in concept but very valuable in terms of results.

The basic concept of this drill is simply dropping off one box and immediately jumping up onto a higher box. This drill can be done by skaters of all athletic levels, but the demonstrator is very advanced and is dropping off a 12 inch box and jumping up onto a 30 inch box. Matthew explains the desired technique for the exercise, with special focus on the correct body position on the floor as well as the correct body position on the second box.

When starting out, and whenever increasing the size of the second box, skaters should the exercise by landing on 2 feet with correct alignment. This includes feet facing directly forward and the knees out over the toes and not angled inward. After mastering 2 foot landings on the second box, the skater should practice landing on one foot in the skating landing position. They should do this on both the right and left feet. Matthew shows how to make the drill harder at the very end by forcing the skater to stabilize the landing position.


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