Alignment Drill, Part 2 – Edges and Turns (Nick Perna)

Figure skating coach Nick Perna shares a drill related to the alignment drill on 2 feet with the feet crossed.  This version of the drill is simple in concept, but it can be very challenging.  It develops great awareness of the outside edges and helps many skaters with proper alignment for turns and edges.  Nick describes is as, “You’re going to be doing slaloms essentially with the feet tucked.”

He continues, “I like this one a lot because it’s very challenging.  Skaters like to work on it because it’s kind of just out of reach, but they feel like they’ll be able to do it eventually.”  Basically the drill is skating around both forward and backward on two feet with the feet crossed and touching, alternating which foot is in front.  Nick starts with slaloms but quickly shows curves and larger edges, as well a variety of turns.  He demonstrates 3 turns, counters, brackets, rockers and even spins.  He notes, “I’m basically staying on outside edges the whole time.”  He suggests that skaters do their entire footwork sequences this way to build control.


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