Tips for Figure Skating Jumps Moment Of Take-Off: Axel – Salchow – Toe Loop – Part 1 (Trevor Laak)

Trevor Laak shares the results of the first part of a survey of subscribers on the details at the moment of take-off for the axel, salchow, and toe loop jumps.  Here is a copy of the quiz for your reference.


Image for questions 1-3 of the survey (click on image to enlarge):

1. Which of the images above represents a good axel or double axel take-off?

2. Which of the images above represents a good double or triple toe loop?

3. Which of the images above represents a good double or triple salchow?


In the results video, Trevor shares the survey results (only) from the coaches taking the survey, including the correct answers, and he explains why he ran the survey.  As Trevor notes, a major myth in figure skating is that an axel takes off in a classic h-position.  Video proves it does not.  Trevor similarly shows that this misconception also applies to the toe loop, in which the free leg should come through take-off nearly straight.

These types of quizzes and summaries take a huge amount of effort to put together, so if you like this learning format and want to see more, please leave a comment below.  Also, if you have information to add to this discussion or a clarification to request, please leave a comment as well.


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