Tips For Core Change on Back Sit Spin (Sheila Thelen)

Figure skating coach Sheila Thelen works with a skater to improve the twist of the shoulders to get the core change on a back sit. The skater is not leveraging the arms and skating side elbow to help create the twist. Notice how Sheila wants the skating side arm completely straight so the skater can use it to press on the inside of the skating thigh to get more twist. Turning the head up toward the ceiling is also helpful for most skaters. And when making significant position changes for the first time, most skaters (including the skater in this video) tend to allow their weight to drift backwards on the skate blade. The trick is to stay on the spin spot (Sheila says, “Balance, balance, balance…”) while making the position changes. It just takes practice which is what Sheila points out. This skater (like almost all skaters) simply doesn’t practice spins enough. Nice combo spin to end the video.


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