Single Lutz Lesson (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh works with a young male skater in a 3-part series on jumps.  In this video, the focus is on the lutz.  To begin the lesson, Michelle asks for an air position drill from a waltz jump down the line.  Notice the position she wants.  Michelle says, “Never too young” and what she means is it’s helpful to begin teaching air position for triples and quads at even the earliest stages of skating.

After the initial drill, the skater demonstrates a single lutz from what Michelle call the “inside outside entrance.”  This is reminiscent of the blurb as discussed by Nick Perna.  Many skaters can feel the outside edge based on the rhythm of shifting from an inside edge.  Notice how close the feet are when the pick goes in and notice the rotation on the ice.  Michelle explains that she used a tight back outside “half-circle” with a jump on or over the line to help this skater initially feel the outside edge on the lutz.  It is helpful for many coaches to see what this actually looks like on a skater at this level.  Coaches: Don’t tolerate those inside edge lutzes at this level!


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