Single Flip Jump Tips, Stop Scratching (Robert Tebby)

World and Olympic coach Robert Tebby gives a young skater a lesson on the single flip jump. For most of the lesson, Robert is focused on helping the skater avoid the toe pick scratching she is doing as she picks and pivots up into the jump. But first he address the “hammer toe” or “wood chopping” where the skater bends strongly from the free knee to set the pick in the ice. Robert wants the picking leg relatively straight and only slightly bent. He says the movement is “hip to toe, not knee to toe.”

Next Robert focuses on the setup and entry pattern in an attempt to get the skater to develop some flow with the jump. Notice his attention to holding all landings to develop control. He has the skater do a flip loop combination, but it just highlights the scratching problem on the flip. So Robert spends the rest of the lesson on it.

First Robert has the skater to a regular flip jump entry but jump up into the air with no rotation, with the non-picking foot lifting in front of the skater (who is gliding backwards into the jump and landing backwards without rotating). Because the skater is relatively comfortable with that, Robert then asks for the same non-rotating flip take-off but this time allowing the non-picking foot to go through and back in the air, and land with it back.

He explains that he’s simply trying to change the skater’s habits, since a good flip with no toe scratches on take-off will typically have the non-picking foot continue through toward the target (either behind or in front of the skater, or somewhere in between). The skater is able to improve the jump considerable during this lesson.


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