Off-Ice Seminar Class – Part 3 (Chris Conte)

International coach and jump specialist Chris Conte continues an off-ice jump class for skaters at a seminar. In Part 1 Chris taught some basic walking and skipping drills which served both as a warm-up and as an introduction to fundamental movements. In Part 2 Chris worked on the basic concepts of small stationary and non-rotating off-ice jumps. In this video, the focus shifts to creating rotation on the floor.

Chris begins this video by explaining the “shape” of a jump with rotation as a helix, or perhaps more relatable as a rotini pasta. Ideally, the shape compresses as it lifts upward, signifying tighter and faster rotation for multi-rotation jumps. Again, Chris references a “duck” which is a pool toy that he uses to help demonstrate and explain helpful jump concepts.

Next, Chris teaches basic jump and rotation on the floor. Again he creates some elastic energy by repeating the knee bend and hip movement he refers to as “hip back, hip forward.” He also says, “Down and back, up and forward.” Notice that Chris is barely using is arms for this, and instead focuses on hip and shoulder movement.

To get one full rotation when jumping on the floor, it is not necessary to use a lot of energy or force. Chris says, “Don’t use 10 pounds of force to lift a 5 pound object” meaning don’t overpower the movement. He wants the skaters to use just enough energy and force to accomplish the goal, which makes the jump more efficient. He says, “If I want more rotation, I’m going to work it from that movement low to high on my take-off and accelerate my take-off off the floor more rather than trying to squeeze tighter.” Chris is trying to get the skaters to recognize that pulling into a tight rotational position is important but less important than creating a proper take-off movement.


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