Axel Jump Tips: How To Fix A Swingy Axel – Part 3 (Nick Perna)

Nick Perna finishes his lesson with Annalise to improve her axel, particularly the jump’s distance.  Part 1 focused on control of the step position and the hip and leg movement, all on a straight line, and Part 2 focused on modified two-foot-landing waltz jumps and straight line forward take-offs into a forward landing.

In this this final part of the lesson, Nick continues building the jump by adding a hop to backward.  The purpose is to keep the jump taking off as straight as possible.  Again, see good and bad examples of how the drills should be done.

Finally, Annalise attempts some axels from a standstill.  Before even allowing a single attempt, Nick emphasizes to Annalise the importance of the correction (straighten out the jump) at the expense of landing the jump.

I hope you enjoyed this series as it covers an important topic.


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