Issues With Returning to the Ice After Pandemic – Part 2 (Matthew Blair Davis)

Figure skating strength and conditioning expert Matthew Blair Davis finishes his presentation specifically for iCoachSkating subscribers highlighting issues that skaters and coaches may face after this long period of time off the ice, particularly for those skaters who have been doing significant off-ice training. In Part 1 Matthew explained that skaters have been developing more power with all the recent off-ice training, but have been less focused on building the necessary stability and control to fully take advantage of those changes when they return to the ice. In this video, he shares a number of outstanding exercises that skaters can do now to prepare to return to the ice. Matthew demonstrates the exercises and explains them in detail, including some discussion of which muscle groups are being worked and how to simplify the exercises for less athletic skaters.

The first exercise is a Side Plank Dumbbell Snatch with a Leg Up. This exercise can be done without a dumbbell or using something as simple as a soup can for weight.  As noted in the video, this exercise is “a great core exercise for stability.” Skaters that have a Bosu ball can do the Bosu Dead Bug Hold. This can be done without a Bosu ball but it will be much less effective. As Matthew notes, this exercise is quite difficult, although it looks easy. Next up is the One Leg Kettlebell Strict Press performed in Contrilateral fashion (opposite arm and leg). Skaters without access to a kettlebell can use a dumbbell or any makeshift weight (soup can, etc). The goal for this exercise is to eliminate any “excess wiggle.” The next exercise is the Band Ward Side Lunge to Step Over and it requires an elastic band and some way to anchor the band. The Box Step Walk-Up can be performed on steps or on a chair or other furniture and involves a solid plank position with arm movement. This is not only a great core exercise, but it’s also great for the shoulders.


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