Introduction to Teaching an Ice Skating Tots Class (Kayla Johnson)

Tots expert Kayla Johnson explains how she runs a tots class in skating school. Initially she notes that the primary purpose of these classes is simply to have fun. Without having fun, most tots simply won’t be interested in learning the skills or even learning basic balance.

Next she covers safety. She goes over certain rules the skaters must obey that promote safety of the coach, individual skater, and the other skaters in the class. Kayla recommends starting off the ice with the tots in their skaters. There they can more safely and easily develop basic balance and get used to the equipment they are wearing on the ice. The coach should make sure each skater has their skates on the right feet and should inspect the skates to make sure they are safe and ready. Tots skaters should also have a helmet and warm clothes.

Kayla discusses how she initially handles a tots class on the ice. She demonstrates how she teaches skaters to fall down and get back up. She shows this from two different angles. Just standing on the slippery ice is very beneficial for starting to develop balance and control.

Kayla notes that she does not specifically work on skills or elements with tots in a class. Instead she simply plays games the whole time that develop important skills like two foot glide, swizzles, basic stop, one foot glide, balancing, and hopping. Kayla notes that it’s incredibly important in a tots class to keep the kids moving, as any movement teaches basic control, keeps them engaged, and also keeps them warm. It also keeps their parents happy.

In the upcoming videos, Kayla will share a variety of tots games that are engaging, fun, and memorable.


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