How to Spin Fast – Figure Skating Spin Speed (Bobbe Shire)

Spin specialist Bobbe Shire answers the age-old question about “how to spin fast.”  This is one of the most common questions we receive here at, especially by adult skaters and young coaches.

Right off the bat, Bobbe notes that spin speed is generated by pushing strongly into the spin and having a good “hook.”  The hook is the deepening of the edge as it nears the three turn for the spin itself.  The energy of the spin is increased by keeping the arms and feet extended as far as possible from the body during the hook and the first revolution.  This energy is then converted to speed when the skater pulls in which Bobbe calls “squeezing George.”

Bobbe also explains that, “every spin needs tension.  Your muscles have to be flexed in order to spin fast.”  She also says, “You have to be strong to spin fast.”  As an example of working with “George,” Bobbe explains how to get up from a sit spin.

Then Bobbe gets to the meat of the discussion.  Many coaches and skaters do not like to hear this advice.  But Bobbe says, “The trick to going fast, what makes a spin go fast, why some people can spin fast, is they want to and they like to.  That is the bottom line.”  In other words, those that practice their spins and focus on mastering the hook with a big push into the spin, and those that like the feeling of “squeezing George” and engaging their muscles are those that get good at spinning fast.

This is a great video with simple concepts.  But the message is incredibly important.


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