How to Ice Skate Tots Class – The Cookie Game (Kayla Johnson)

Tots expert Kayla Johnson explains yet another great game for engaging a tots class and teaching some important basic skills.  The cookie game is a combination of games and skills already covered in Kayla’s videos.  The basic idea of using “cookies” to engage young skaters is simple but brilliant.  Kids LOVE  and can relate to eating cookies, countdowns, rocket ships, planets, chocolate chips, making cookies.  And they end up working on pushing off, wiggles, swizzles/bubbles, stopping and scraping, spinning, and more.  Kayla offers a candid discussion at the end explaining that older kids may not find these games engaging, but for little tots, these games are extremely engaging.  (Kayla was responding to a question from Trevor behind the camera which explains the conversational tone and focus to the side of the camera.)


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