Forward Outside Mohawk – 8 Step Pattern MIF (Karen Olson)

In this figure skating video, Karen Olson discusses the forward outside mohawk, particularly as it applies to the 8-Step Pattern of the USFS Junvenile Moves pattern.  The forward outside mohawk is a difficult skill at this level, primarily because skaters at this level often lack control and body alignment of basic edges.  Karen explains that she initially teaches this mohawk on a straight line (which eliminates the edge completely) so the skater can focus on proper use of the shoulders and feet.  Notice the neatness of the feet with the heel to instep, and the control of the feet after the mohawk to a side by side position.

To develop full mastery of the forward outside mohawk, Karen recommends putting a back outside three turn after the mohawk.  This ensures the skater can continue the rotation outside the circle rather than simply letting the mohawk exit snap back to the inside.  Karen shows how to repeatedly do this exercise.

One key to maintaining the rhythm of the moves pattern is to push into the mohawk.  Because the mohawk is challenging for so many skaters and because the free foot has so far to go to get to the heel to instep position, skaters tend not to push confidently into it with proper alignment.  By working on this push with proper body alignment and making sure the skater has mastery of the entrance and exit edges (in isolation from the turn), the forward outside mohawk can be mastered relatively quickly.  Throughout the video, Karen stresses the importance of keeping the head facing the direction of travel.


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